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You're Grounded!

The GOOD kind of grounding, NOT the punishment.

Recently I was sitting outside and the thought of how grounded I felt in that present moment came up. So I decided to lean into that and reflect on the times I feel most grounded and share them in a blog post!

First things first, Let's define what grounding is. In my own words, it is intentionally focusing on the present moment. This can help when you are dealing with something from the past OR concerns about the future. Grounding helps you take a pause and check-in with how you're doing CURRENTLY.

3 (of my favorite) Ways to Feel Grounded:

  1. Observation in nature - Now that the weather is getting warmer, I enjoy sitting outside in the evenings once it's cool enough. I like to observe life as it is - whether it is watching lightning bugs, the sounds of the leaves or grass in the wind, or feeling the temperature finally cool down.

  2. I am a BIG fan of candles as of the past year while working from home. I will turn off most lights in the room and light a candle. I really don't know what it is, but it is really soothing to me, especially when I want to focus on a particular project or task. I tend to lean towards buying candles from either TJ Maxx or even Five Below.

  3. Petting my dogs! I believe dogs have the ability to sense our feelings and can understand why they are used as therapy animals. There is something calming about showing some TLC to my dogs and I'm sure they soak up the attention I give them.

Do you have any tips to add about becoming/being grounded? I'd love to hear them either through the comment section, DM, or e-mailing

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