Resources for Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so I want to share 3 free resources that can be helpful for your mental health.

  1. Letters Against Depression - This non-profit organization focuses on supporting those with depression and other mental illnesses one letter at a time. You can request to have letters written to you through their website. Volunteers will then be able to send you letters of hope right to your mailbox 📬 Website:

  2. The Crisis Text Line - A texting service with trained crisis counselors to respond back to you. Whether you are feeling depressed, battling anxiety or just having a tough time text "Home" to 741741 for free 24/7 support. Website:

  3. 7 Cups - Sometimes, we just need someone to listen without judgment or bias. 7 Cups is a community of trained listeners who provide anonymous and free emotional support. You can speak with listeners through the messaging feature both online OR on their mobile app. Website:

I wanted to highlight free and easily accessible resources, but if you are in a serious crisis I would recommend seeing a professional immediately as they are better equipped to help. I know that some mental health topics can be a tough conversation, but truly believe they are worth having. Please do something for your mental health this month (I took some Paid time off for mine ;) ) and feel free to share any resources you know of in the comments!

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