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Goal Setting in a Hustle Culture: Staying True to Self

In a world of hustle culture, how do you stay true to self in setting YOUR goals?

I've been asking myself lately, how can I ensure I'm truly setting goals for myself, or if it is something I "should do" because others around me are doing?

In a world that is heavily focused on Hustle Culture, how do you stay true to yourself in ensuring that your goals are in alignment with YOU vs. what the noise of society says you should be doing?

How do I ensure I am in alignment?

First, you need to ask yourself "Who am I doing this for? If it is not for you, then is this something you WANT to do for someone else? If it is for a reason other than an act of kindness, you may be acting in a way you THINK will impress others.

As you set your goals, don't forget to regularly check in on your progress. This is as important as the goal itself! You can do this as often as you need to (daily, weekly, monthly etc.) You can also evaluate if you need to adjust your goal during these check in.

Finally, develop your self-care plan. When you start to feel the burnout coming on, it's nice to have an idea of things you can do to take a break and be refreshed. It's sometimes hard to think of what to do when you're in the middle of burnout.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, tips or any questions related to the Hustle Culture. Feel free to comment, DM me on social media or e-mail

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