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"But you don't look anxious..."

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

I may look like I have it "all together," but honestly I’ve had quite a few days of feeling anxious the past couple of weeks. It’s been rough getting back into a rhythm. Actually dressing up for work, more traffic, more people, Covid concerns, etc. I just want you to know that it’s totally ok if you’re not feeling like yourself or in a brain fog right now, you’re not alone and it’s completely understandable why you would feel this way at this time.

I want to share some ways I have coped with these anxious thoughts so far:

1. Therapy* - In my last session, we talked about the ways anxiety has impacted me (rapid thoughts, feeling out of body, and sometimes even thinking "WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?") I truly did feel out of my mind a few times. With the education my therapist provided me, we realized there were moments where my "flight" or "fight" kicked in. We talked through some coping strategies...I'll admit that I've been leaning on emotional eating in some situations, but some ways I have coped more positively are #2 and #3:

2. Physical Movement - I've slowly started back running - which is something I LOVED to do in previous years. I like the satisfaction of being able to build endurance and run longer distances, but also the brief pause & escape running can bring. Physical movement is so good for your mental health AND physical health. Feel free to reply and share what your favorite activities are :)

3. Changing your environment - Lately, I will go somewhere after work for a change of scenery. Whether it's the grocery store, a department store, or a drive to get food - sometimes that brief time somewhere else other than home is the breath of fresh air I need. Also, being in the car with a great playlist is a bonus!

These are three coping strategies I have used more recently. It is not an end-all-be-all, so please share in the comments below some strategies you have found successful in your own life! I think knowing what is triggering your anxious feelings is important AND having a coping strategy ahead of time that you can just easily go to when you are anxious. (Trust me, sometimes it's hard to think if you are feeling highly anxious.)

Please take care of yourself and don’t be afraid to reach out for help (or a mental distraction!)

*I recognize that not everyone has insurance or access to therapy. Linked here are some resources for alternatives to therapy.

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